Concepts and Principles included in TheWolfLineTM Quantitative Sports Trading Technology Platform/Products. TheWolfLineTM Analytics Platform is as Simple to Interpret and Apply as a Coloring Book, Traffic Light or Thermometer

By K. Gregory Wolfe CEO/Co-Founder Icarus Hegel Analytics, LLC

Fundamental/qualitative data means nothing in quant trading. All publicly known fundamental/qualitative data is digested by the market and assigned a value that is represented in the closing price of market agreement/equilibrium.

  1. Behavioral Economics
  2. Philosophical Economics
  3. Joint Probability Distributions
  4. Bivariate Probability Distributions
  5. Big Data
  6. Predictive Analytics
  7. Market Mispricing Algorithms
  8. Standard Deviations
  9. Dialectic Philosophy
  10. "Fantasy Sports Trading" and "Traditional Sports Trading"
  11. Individual Asset Trading/Baskets (Fantasy Sports) and Sector/ETF Trading (Traditional Sports)
  12. Diversification of Risk via Fantasy Sports Trading
  13. Beta Classification of Sector Constituents (Fantasy Sports Trading)
  14. Asset Bubbles
  15. Distressed Assets
  16. Short Squeezes
  17. Put/Call Ratios*
  18. Price
  19. Probability
  20. Volatility (Implied and Actual)
  21. Game Theory
  22. Relative Strength
  23. Supply/Demand
  24. Relationship Trading
  25. Sports Trading Derivative Theory*
  26. Sports Options Put/Call Parity*
  27. Sports Delta*
  28. Sports Gamma*
  29. Sports Theta*
  30. Sports Vega*
  31. Overbought Conditions
  32. Oversold Conditions
  33. Mean Reversion
  34. Serial Correlation
  35. Supports Levels (Price/Volatility)
  36. Resistance Levels (Price/Volatility)
  37. Trendlines of Support and Resistance (Price/Volatility)
  38. Thesis
  39. Crisis Points >>> "The Moneyball Moment"
  40. Anti-Thesis
  41. Synthesis
  42. Moving Average Crossovers (Price/Volatility)
  43. Heraclitus
  44. Socrates
  45. Plato
  46. Aristotle
  47. Confucius
  48. GWF Hegel
  49. Immanuel Kant
  50. J.G Fichte
  51. Zeno of Elea
  52. "Market Price (Quantitative)" Relative to "Qualitative Value" ...Turning Points
  53. Market Irrationality
  54. Channel Trading
  55. Swing Trading
  56. Tired Relationships (Market Exhaustion Reversals)
  57. Time Variables/Short Term Anomalies Vs Long Term Anomalies
  58. Black Swans
  59. Market Duality
  60. Binary Market Theory
  61. "All or Nothing"/" Barrier Options"*
  62. Long/Short positioning
  63. Short Selling
  64. Fading filled offers higher/excessive buying pressure
  65. Fading filled bids lower/excessive selling pressure
  66. Consequences of more liquid/less liquid markets on price/probability/volatility behavior
  67. Differing Ease of Asset Movement in These Conditions
  68. Market Risk Variables and Their Effects on Each Other
  69. Market Risk Management Based on Personal Confidence Interval and Tolerance
  70. Sports Buy-Writes*
  71. Sports Protective Puts/Married Puts*
  72. Sports Stop Orders*
  73. Sports Options Backspreads*
  74. Sports Options Ratio Spreads*
  75. Sports Options Vertical Spreads*
  76. Sports Options Horizontal/Calendar/Time Spreads*
  77. Moneyline Markets
  78. Alternate Moneyline Markets
  79. Pointspread/Handicap Markets
  80. "Asian" Handicap Markets
  81. Totals/Over-Under Markets
  82. "In the Money" Sports Options*
  83. "At the Money" Sports Options*
  84. "Out of the Money" Sports Options*
  85. Debit Sports Options (Buying Points/Runs/Goals, etc./Probability) *
  86. Credit Sports Options (Selling Points/Runs/Goals etc./Probability) *
  87. Varying Contracts/Time to Expiration
  88. "Fear" Indications
  89. "Greed" Indications
  90. "Emotionless" Trading Metrics/Quant Analytics
  91. Market Pattern Recognition Tools
  92. NEW "Efficient Market Hypothesis" (a viable one supported by TheWolfLineTM Charts, Calculations and Alert Grids)
  93. Divergence/Convergence of Market Mechanics
  94. The "Perpetual Helix" of the Sports Dual Market Relationship Lifecycle. Perceptions of Relationships Can Be Traded an Infinite Number of Times and Forever, Because a Perception Never Goes Bankrupt or Becomes Insolvent
  95. Custom Screeners and Alerts Based on TheWolfLineTM and Other Market Criteria
  96. Correction Trading Option
  97. Momentum Trading Option
  98. "Market Noise" Measure
  99. Market Overadjustment Measure
  100. Tactical Trading
  101. "Cheap/Expensive" Favorites
  102. "Cheap/Expensive" Underdogs
  103. Irrational Exuberance/Optimism
  104. Irrational Pessimism
  105. "Second Screen" Market Pricing Analytics
  106. Mobile Applications
  107. Delta Neutral Sports Long/Short Straddle Spreads (Volatility)*
  108. Delta Neutral Sports Long/Short Strangle Spreads (Volatility)*
  109. Sports Future Backwardation
  110. Sports Future Contango
  111. Volatility (VIX) Futures for Sports
  112. "Big Salami" Relationship to VIX for Sports
  113. Sports/Leagues/Tournaments to Trade 24 hours a day/365 days a year

*sports options are WolfLineOptionsTM