TheWolfLineTM Quant Sports Trading Technology, Platform and Products Are Derived and Supported by The Following International Patent and its Associated Claims:

Methods and Systems1 to Recognize2 Quantitative3 Mispricing4 of Gaming5 Markers6

  1. Methods and Systems – The leveraging of data through transformative process into analytic resource(s) that improves efficiency and efficacy of market decision making/trading/risk management
  2. Recognize – Market pattern recognition tools/products
  3. Quantitative – Quantitative market analysis/Quant trading
  4. Mispricing – The inappropriate/irrational pricing assigned to the relative strength, volatility, or probability of a market asset and/or relationship (i.e. "Price is what you pay, value is what you get" – Warren Buffett)
  5. Gaming – Within the context of a "game" and/or an exercise that applies "game theory economics" or a schematic plan of analysis/action. In this context, we are referring to "the sports trading markets". **
  6. Markers – The current quantified designation of market price, relative strength, volatility, or probability

** Virtually everything that is encountered during life is in some way "a game" and/or a "gaming experience" as long as there are decisions to be made that benefit/harm the gaming participant based on the efficiency of those decisions. All that is necessary to constitute a "game" is the presence of a finite time component (x axis), and a continuing dynamic change in price, score, etc. (y axis) as the game moves along the x axis. Most "games" involve at least two competing variables but in some exceptions, there could be only one (e.g. "man vs himself", "man vs nature", etc.…although it could be argued that those scenarios have two competing variables). The main factors to be considered during the process of "the games" are price, score, volatility, time, probability and volume…as well as the effects that these factors might have on each other as their conditions change in terms of momentum, overadjustment, irrationality and corrections.