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Icarus Hegel Analytics, LLC (owner/operator of offers no refund policy and all sales are final. As of May 24, 2017, the membership fee for access to TheWolfLineTM platform is $30 USD per month and the customer’s method of payment will be billed once per month on the date of initial registration (if initial registration was the 31st of the month, then the billing will take place on the 30th of each month). All current members will receive an email prior to their billing each month to give prior notice and opportunity to cancel before the next monthly billing cycle.

Free Trial

Icarus Hegel Analytics, LLC offers a free one week initial trial for all NEW/FIRST TIME MEMBERS ONLY After the one week free trial has expired, the holder of the valid email address and appropriate IP address will receive a billing reminder and the card on file will be charged.

Grandfather Clause

As of May 24, 2017 the membership fee for full access to TheWolfLineTM is $30 USD per month. However, due to the exclusive/patented/proprietary nature of TheWolfLineTM technology, platform and products, as well as the market price of other nonexclusive quantitative market pricing analytic services, this price offering should be expected to rise in the future. IF A MEMBER BEGINS MEMBERSHIP AT A CERTAIN PRICE OFFERING AND CONTINUES AS A MEMBER UNINTERRUPTED, THEN THE MEMBER WILL REMAIN AT THAT PRICE OFFERING UNTIL SUCH TIME OF LAPSE/TERMINATION/CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP. HOWEVER, IF THERE IS A LAPSE/TERMINATION/CANCELLATION OF MEMBERSHIP, THE MEMBER WILL BE CHARGED THE PRICE OFFERING AT THE TIME OF RETURN IF/WHEN THE MEMBER WISHES TO RE-ACTIVATE MEMBERSHIP

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