TheWolfLineTM is an analytical product/sports trading platform created by equity/stock options traders and technical software developers that is revolutionizing the way that sports trading enthusiasts (both traditional sports markets and daily fantasy sports markets) accurately price their positions and manage trading risk.

After years of conceptual research, development and technological evolution, this innovative analytic platform is now here to allow the new breed of sports trader to have fast and simple to apply access to pattern recognition tools and a quantitative technical analysis platform that is based on concepts that takes most financial market traders years to learn, understand and apply.

With the development of TheWolfLineTM, this valuable market trading technology is now at the mobile fingertips of every trader, regardless of experience or technical sophistication. TheWolfLineTM uses our globally patented technology to scan the entire universe of available matches and determine through our proprietary algorithms, which teams, competitors and sides of markets are most likely to be inappropriately priced by the public crowd based on particular market data and activity in terms of price (spread/handicap), volatility (totals) and probability (moneyline).

As the sheep of the public crowd force the market makers to move the price/volatility/probability to inappropriately extreme levels, our technology is there to isolate the potential for an overpriced/underpriced scenario and alert our members to that opportunity using our own easy to read color coded WolfLineTM alert system and personally customized market screeners.

We at have spent years learning the theory and application of market analysis tools that lead to profiting off of the follies of the crowd and their emotion based mispricing of relative strength relationships so that you don't have to. Technical/quantitative market analysis begins with a foundation of behavioral/philosophical economics which is transposed into a mathematical representation that is then artistically applied by the quant sports trader.

When it's time to stop being a sheep and start being the wolf, is the only place that offers TheWolfLineTM quant sports trading analytics and it always will be.