Three ways to apply patented Wolfline quant sports trading analytics:


WolfLine charts

Quantified graphical representations of behavioral economics price/volatility action of the identified relationships....make your custom technical drawings (Support/resistance, trend lines, channels, etc) to determine long/short/buy/sell levels.


WolfLine calculations

dynamically adjusting risk variables representing the market bubble/distressed asset conditions of price, volatility and probability of the market relationships over time.


WolfLine alerts

Wolfline calculations collated into graduated color alert patterns representing standard deviations of market conditions over a determined time period that are to be used as an easy pattern recognition tool for correction trading and/or momentum trading. Customized WolfLine alert patterns are able to be entered into the market screener for fast and easy identification of particular market conditions over all global sports, leagues and tournaments. Customized results are sent to the traders inbox daily.